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My how time flies. I have been planning to post on here since monday and have only just got round to it. I guess it just means there will be a little more in this post than there would've been originally. Well, lets start with last weekend...

On the weekend in question I went to Hull. Primarily to see Dylan Moran's new stand up tour, 'Like, Totally...'; but also for a spot of socialising as I hadn't done any for a while. I left work early on friday and got the train from Lincoln to Hull. Well, I say "got the train"; what I really mean is a collection of trains, all of which were less than impressive. Still, on the plus side regarding the train journey, I was able to get my ticket for under £7 rather than the usual £19 by being extra frugal and choosing a specific route to travel from Lincoln to Hull which was a bit more round-the-houses than it would otherwise have been.

Anyway, I eventually arrived back in Hull and was reminded of what a wonderful city it is. It's sort of like a Babylonian garbage dump. I was greeted by a BBQ and all the usual faces, as well as Nick and, later on, Ben. On saturday we had a Chinese and then saw Dylan Moran. He was most excellent and pointed out some of the less appealing points of Hull at various intervals. He seemed to have a genuine contempt for the place, which is fair enough. He suggested that it needn't be like this; that if all the people of Hull pulled together and put some effort in then surely they could invade Sheffield.

On sunday I went back home and relaxed before another week of work. Work is decidedly more tiring these days as I am now filling a different position. The person I was covering before has returned, so I am now covering a different member of staff who coincidently has just started a secondment until the end of July. Albeit very handy for me to have a secure job till the end of July, it does require an awful lot more work now. I don't really mind doing more work as it means that I never have time to be bored, but it does mean that I am usually pretty tired when I get home and can rarely be bothered to do anything save from watch Big Brother and/or the World Cup then fall asleep - hence this post's delay.

This weekend I was due to go to Northampton for a big reunion style thing and no doubt alcohol-fuelled adventures. However, after last weekend's impromptu visit to Hull, I was too tired and couldn't really afford it, so I decided to give it a miss - though this wasn't well received by the friends I was supposed to be seeing. I have instead been chillin' like a villain, or at least, for the most part. My Black DS LiteYesterday I returned home from work to find that my Black DS Lite, which had been on pre-order since May, had arrived. This came as quite a shock as I hadn't paid for first class postage (something I was slightly regretting), so I wasn't expecting it till next week. I was rather pleased it had arrived as it meant I could play on it this weekend like the big lamer I am. Needless to say, it is fantastic and was well worth the effort/cost of selling the old one and upgrading.

I was also paid (at last) yesterday, so today I decided to go into town to buy some new clothes. Whilst in Hull I had seen many things in Debenhams that I liked the look of, but didn't have the money to buy them with at the time. So today I trekked to Debenhams with the intent of exchanging some of my newly earned shiny pennies for the items that I had seen the previous weekend. However as luck would have it, or as my own particular brand of luck would have it, none of the items I had seen in the Hull Debenhams were available in the Lincoln branch. I was not best pleased. It always seems to be the case that if I have no money, I will see things I want; as soon as I have money, there is nothing to be found any where. I hope other people find this to be the case, as it pisses me off greatly and I would hate to think that I am the only person whose life is plagued by irony and chronic misfortune.

I am feeling more inclined to moan about things again as of late. Mainly due to the fact that most of the time I am subject to symptoms akin to having my brain melt and dribble out of my face. For those of you unaware what I am referring to, I am of course making reference to hayfever - an utterly rubbish allergy. Well, I suppose all allergies are rubbish, but being allergic to the air around you is quite a hindrance. If only pollen was the size of ping-pong balls - at least then I would be able to see it and hopefully avoid it. It would also be decidedly harder for me to inhale it. Today I bought some Beconase from Boots, which should hopefully bust up my hayfever sufficiently.

The Diving-Bell and the ButterflyIn other, non-related, news. I have recently learnt of a book which sounds rather interesting that I am going to have to purchase. It is called 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly'. I'm not sure if this is something everyone will have already heard of that I am just miles behind on, but for those of you who haven't heard of it, I shall explain a little. It is written by a man called Jean-Dominique Bauby. Jean-Dominique Bauby was the editor of a French magazine called Elle, which is a quite a famous magazine. He was known for his success, wit and charm. However in 1995, at the age of 43, he suffered a stroke and became the victim of a rare condition known as 'Locked-In Syndrome'. He was in a coma for 3 weeks and when he awoke the only muscle in his body that would still respond was his left eyelid. Over the following year he manage to write a book, purely by having someone read through the alphabet over and over and Bauby winking at the appropriate letter. As you can imagine, that is quite a remarkable achievement. The book itself is about his thoughts and feelings about his life and the situation he had found himself in. The Diving-Bell in the title of the book refers to the empty shell he now considered his body to be and the Butterfly was his spirit. It was published 2 days before he died of a heart attack. It is supposedly an invigorating book which emphasises some of the joys of life and the many things which we so often take for granted that can be taken away from us at any moment. Anyway, I thought it sounded worth reading so I am going to order a copy and I thought some of you might find it of interest as well.

Anyway, this has become a rather lengthy post, so I think I am going to leave it there. I think I shall go watch a film - I am thinking Steamboy, or failing that The Squid And The Whale.

Oh and before I forget, today I received my flight details for when I travel to Japan. Read more here.

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